AHA collaborates with The Sweet Potato Patch to provide meals for East St. Louis seniors

The Metro St. Louis chapter of the American Heart Association is collaborating with Chicago-based The Sweet Potato Patch to expand its reach and provide 100 ready to eat meals to seniors living in East St. Louis, Illinois during the months of June and July. The goal of this collaboration is to provide healthy food access and nutritional security to assist seniors amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Sweet Potato Patch is a technology-based food business whose mission is to utilize day to day technology to increase and create an ease related to healthy food access to residents in urban food deserts.

AHA will fund the expansion of the program to East St. Louis and will provide volunteers to help screen and access senior needs for meals.

“We are proud to provide the support to expand this pilot to support seniors in East St. Louis,” said Jennifer Jaeger, executive director of the American Heart Association.  

Knowing that poor access to fresh food leads to a poor diet, which leads to poor health, this pilot project leverages each organization's strengths to develop a system that responds to the needs of seniors in the targeted area.

“The lack of availability of healthy food is a barrier that impacts health and well-being for the community. When food is readily available, one has a higher chance to develop better eating habits and achieve better overall health,” said Jennifer Jaeger, executive director of the Metro St. Louis American Heart Association. “Together, we are a relentless force for a healthier community so that everyone can access healthy food.”

For more information about participating in the Sweet Potato Patch program in East St. Louis, please email sales@sweetpotatopatch.life.

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