Black Men answer ‘Call to Oneness’
Rev. James Clark (second from left), pastor of Shalom Church (City of Peace) leads the large gathering of Balck men and women down Page Avenue Sunday during the Call To Oneness march. At Left is Dr. Donald Muhammad, and at right is Eric Rhone and State Sen. Rodney Hubbard. Photo by Wiley Price

Depending on who was asked, the crowd estimates for the “Call To Oneness” march yesterday afternoon along the old Annie Malone May Day Parade route in North City ranged from 20,000-50,000. Regardless of the final count, the message was clear that African American men are ready to move forward to make a better St. Louis.

Marchers gathered at Kingshighway and Dr. Martin Luther King, and then proceeded down Page, Newstead, and Kennerly.

The march ended at Tandy Park, near Sumner High School. But a Oneness rally picked up where the march left off. Speakers addressed the crowd from the Sumner High School athletic field as thousands held up their index fingers in a show of solidarity that was reminiscent of the Civil Rights movement era.

The march was the final activity in a weekend-long initiative spearheaded by Rev. Dr. F. James Clark of Shalom Church (City of Peace) to end violence and create opportunities for black men in the city. Along with the Sunday's Call to Oneness March in St. Louis was the culmination of a weekend of workshops, panel discussions and informational forums.

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As the leaders and the people have showen the power for postive changes is in our hands. When is enough is ENOUGH. If half the churches in our black communities would take out the work to in power the people to bring about the life saving change that our black people need our childre will be made to stop killing each other. Black Men That's what I'm saying, taking a stand take vison/backbone with that a vison about our children and our future. I hope this catch a fire accross the nation. Freddie in struggle.

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