Malik Ahmed

Malik Ahmed is the author of “From the Projects to the Pyramids in Search of a Better Family Life,” which is available at major online sites.

History is being repeated. But this time around, don't be tricked. In my book “From the Projects to the Pyramids in Search of a Better Family Life,” I outlined numerous times during the 1960s when the police, state, and federal law enforcement apparatus descended on the Black protest movement to destroy it. They were a significant contributor to the community's descent into chaos, looting, and rioting.

How is the game played? By planting agent provocateurs and informants in the protest movement whose rhetoric is the most outlandish. They are able to maneuver themselves into leadership positions and are used to promote lawlessness and destruction. This helps to justify the high arrest rate of the legitimate protestors. This tactic is also aided and abetted by rich individuals and right-wing corporations that finance civilian-type militias that work in concert with the law enforcement apparatus.

The undercover agent provocateur and informant’s job is to foment dissent and chaos. Today, we are witnessing these same types of tactics in Kenosha, Wisconsin; Rochester, New York; Portland, Oregon; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Louisville, Kentucky; Atlanta, Georgia; Washington, D.C., and nearly every other place where African-American males, females, and children are the victims of police abuse, shootings, and killings.

All around the country where Black Lives Matter activists are holding mass demonstrations, these types of agents and their supporters are helping to create chaos by instigating destructive actions. Their aim is to convince the American public that the mass protest movement is undermining the very fabric of society that will eventually lead to lawlessness and the obliteration of the American democratic system of government. Their banner is Law and Order.

Also note that the Black protestors are called “looters” and “anarchists,” while the white vigilante groups are called "armed militias." One group is depicted as immoral and evil, and the other group is described as good and holy. One term describes their work as helping the police, and the other group is described as wishing harm to them.

But do not be fooled. A lot of the chaos going on in the country is being carefully orchestrated and used to divert attention away from the past four years of misery, systemic racism, and joblessness. It is being used to cover up the active attempts to disenfranchise millions of Americans from being able to vote in November's presidential election. It is being used to divert attention away from the projected 200,000-plus deaths caused by the inept handling of the new coronavirus pandemic.

By highlighting cities that are descending into so-called chaos, this tactic is being used to cover up the actions and policies of a president who has been out of control and out of touch with reality.

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