Randy Hays and Bailey Colletta

Randy Hays and Bailey Colletta

Photo by Doyle Murphy / Riverfront Times

Two former St. Louis police officers who have pled guilty in the September 17, 2017 beating of a black undercover cop were pulled over for drunk driving six weeks before the incident, according to an employee misconduct report that The St. Louis American obtained.

Then officer-Randy Hays, who pled guilty on November 8 to using excessive force on Officer Luther Hall during a Stockley verdict protest, failed to tell his supervisors about his arrest, the report states.

On August 5, 2017 at about 3:30 p.m., Hays was arrested by a Missouri Highway Patrol trooper for driving while intoxicated in Reynolds County. Then-officer Bailey Colletta, who has pled guilty to lying to the F.B.I about Hall’s arrest and beating, was in the car with Hays. The two were in a romantic relationship, according to the federal indictment regarding Hall’s case.

On August 6, 2017 at 3 p.m., a police sergeant filed a complaint against Hays, who was a police lieutenant in St. Louis’ 6th Police District at the time, for “failing to notify anyone within his chain of command about his arrest.” The complaint also states that Colletta, a police probationary officer at the time, also “failed to notify a supervisor after having police contact.”

A police spokeswoman said they are reviewing The American’s questions regarding whether or not Hays and Colletta were disciplined in the complaint.

Colletta’s last day with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department was September 20, and Hays’ last day was November 12, according to a police spokeswoman.

On November 8, Hays signed a guilty plea agreement with federal prosecutors admitting his involvement in unlawfully beating and arresting Hall, who was working undercover during a protest against the acquittal of former city officer Jason Stockley of a murder charge in an officer-involved shooting.

In the plea agreement, Hays said that he and his colleagues saw Hall standing on the street — doing nothing criminal or suspicious — thought he was a protestor, threw him to the ground and beat him. Hall is permanently injured, it states.

The two other officers indicted in Hall’s case, Christopher Myers and Daniel Boone, have pled not guilty and are on unpaid administrative suspension.

Federal prosecutors plan on going to a grand jury sometime before Thanksgiving or early December to seek an indictment of others involved in Hall’s beating and arrest, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Hays sent a text message to Boone the day after Hall’s beating stating, “if it was a protester it wouldn’t be a problem at all,” according to his plea agreement.

A class-action lawsuit filed in September alleges that more than 120 people were maced, beaten and arrested the same night as Hall. There have been no indictments in the civilian cases.

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