Cori Bush

Cori Bush the night of August 4th Democratic primary win for Missouri 1st Congressional District

ST. LOUIS, MO—On Wednesday afternoon, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced the decision of the Grand Jury to indict former detective Brett Hankinson on 3 counts of first-degree wanton endangerment for shooting into the apartment of Breonna Taylor’s neighbors. In response, Democratic nominee for Missouri’s First District, Cori Bush, released the following statement:

“Breonna Taylor received no justice today. Breonna Taylor was shot 6 times. She received no medical attention for more than 20 minutes. We cannot stand while others reduce Breonna’s murder to a one-off “tragedy.” Her death was no accident. Breonna Taylor could have been any one of us. This decision shows us all that, in the eyes of the American criminal justice system, Breonna Taylor’s life did not matter. That the lives of EMTs as first responders matter less than those of police officers.

But Breonna’s life did matter. Her role in the community as a first responder mattered. Accountability for her murder matters. All of our Black lives matter. To Breonna Taylor’s family and friends, my heart hurts for you like it did for Mike Brown’s in 2014. To the people of Louisville, I stand with you, and I urge you to flood the streets in protest against this violence; to care for one another; to raise your voices; to make it known that Breonna deserved so much better than this.

While we put our boots to the ground in the pursuit of continued justice for Breonna, we will not forget the clear negligence in the handling of this case. To the Mayor of Louisville and Louisville Metro Police Department, you showed us you knew the pain that this decision would cause when you preemptively declared a state of emergency and called in federal backup. Any violence brought upon protestors from law enforcement is 100% premeditated and intentional. To every officer who believes that this ruling means that you will not be held to account for your actions, I am bringing the protest from the streets of St. Louis to the halls of Congress to ensure that is not the case. Our demands are not complicated: we just want to live.” 

Cori Bush is the Democratic nominee who defeated 10-term incumbent Lacy Clay in the primary election for Missouri’s first congressional district. She is a registered nurse, single mother, ordained pastor, and civil rights activist fighting for Black lives.

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