Halbert Sullivan

Fathers’ Support Center CEO and Founder Halbert Sullivan speaks to a group of father-students at the center.

On June 11, Fathers’ Support Center CEO and Founder Halbert Sullivan testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee “Celebrating Fathers and Families” hearing for federal support of the Responsible Fatherhood Initiative.

“We provide services to over 500 fathers annually, and our current grant is at $2 million annually, of which over $400,000 goes towards evaluation,” Sullivan testified.

“Annually, we need to raise an additional $500K to support the services we provide to our fathers, which cannot be covered using grant funds. Fatherhood programs need to take a comprehensive approach to impact the problems faced by children growing up without a father in their lives.”

Fathers’ Support Center is a recipient of New Pathways for Fathers and Families Grant, which provides the center with $2 million a year to offer services to fathers and families in order to make a possible impact on children's lives.

The New Pathway for Fathers and Families grant allowed 183 fathers to gain employment through the Responsible Fatherhood program, which channeled $5.8 million back into the economy, Sullivan said. The grant also allowed 216 fathers who were in the Reentry Program to gain employment, funneling $3.8 million into the economy. Along with employment, the grant in 2018 helped 120 father to pay over $300,000 in child support.

Fathers’ Support Center mission is to turn men into responsible and involved fathers and also to help mothers who require support to become positive role models and active mothers for their children. The center also partners with the Department of Corrections in order to assist incarcerated parents through a 6-week program that promotes parenting skills, economic stability, and building healthy relationships.

The center has been providing support for fathers for more than two decades and has reached over 16,000 fathers and impacted over 40,000 children according to Sullivan. Sullivan said, “Our program seeks to change the direction of low-income families through a comprehensive approach, which includes parenting, economic stability, employment readiness and training and building healthy relationships.”

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