Lisa Nolan

Social worker Lisa Nolan launched her HealingSheGotFaith grief blog to help anyone who’s ever lost a loved one or anyone suffering from any other impactful loss.

Puerto Rican-American Lisa Nolan launched her blog HealingSheGotFaith primarily as a tribute to her late father, who died of a heart attack at work 13 years ago when Lisa was only 15 years old. The blog is dedicated to anyone who has lost a loved one, specifically a parent, and to anyone in a state of grief trying to accept the loss of other things but on their healing journey in the process.

“I want you to know that when you enter this community we’re healing together,” Nolan said. “I want this to be a community where we come together and heal together, because there’s going to be things that you’ve done that I haven’t even thought about. There’s gonna be stuff that I say that you’ve never heard.”

A 2010 graduate of Soldan International Studies High School, Nolan earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from Southeast Missouri State University and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Saint Louis University. She is currently working on obtaining her license in Social Work.

The loss of her father and her mother’s death in 2018 from a terrible car accident caused Nolan to look at the bigger picture and blog about the generational curses both of her parents carried.

“One of the things that I have recently implemented that has become so important is being off on my off days,” Lisa said. “Actually, not doing anything and not putting pressure on it and then learning how to say no.”

One thing that has helped Nolan with breaking generational curses is that she uprooted herself from St. Louis to Queens, New York, where she was born. She moved after her mother’s one-year death anniversary to be closer to her family and to learn more about them since she no longer has parents to tell her about her family.

“I literally just had a savings account, and I was like, ‘I’m not going to work for a year,’” Nolan said. “I didn’t know how I was gonna do it. I didn’t know what that was gonna look like. Part of that was because I saw everybody work up until the day that they died, and I did not want to fall into that.”

While on her self-care and grieving journey, Nolan finds herself journaling and doing other daily rituals to help her on her quest to becoming happier and healthier.

“Journaling is my best friend,” Nolan said. “I probably go through maybe 10 journals a year. I buy a guided journal and a regular journal. I practice yoga, and I go for walks in the park. When I can’t do any of that, because sometimes you have those days, I drink lots and lots of water.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many have lost their loved ones due to the ongoing crisis, many jobs have been lost, and so many other things have been taken away, So, many are grieving what once was. Despite all of the many losses in 2020, Nolan strongly advocates that people have a right to feel how they feel regardless of their circumstances.

“To anybody out there that’s listening, your grief is important,” Nolan said. “Your grief is special. Your grief may hurt, but it’s still needed and it’s normal.”

Nolan is currently in the process of relocating to St. Louis to be closer to her support system and settle into her own house.

“I am looking forward to going into the community and changing the system,” Nolan said, “because St. Louis is the most dopest and most beautiful city in the world.”

To learn more about Nolan and her tips for grieving and self-healing, visit

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