Seeking input on Collective Bargaining Agreement by Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Seeking input on Collective Bargaining Agreement by Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The St. Louis County Police Board is receiving public input on the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the County and police sergeants. This is an historic first, and an opportunity to push for more civilian control. And remember: greater community control weakens the absolute power of the police and moves us toward our Defunding the Police goals.

The catch? Input must be written, must be less than 400 words and can only be submitted on Wednesday, Oct. 14. Not Tuesday or Thursday...It must be emailed to by 4:00 PM on Wednesday. They're not making it particularly easy.

But we need them to see that there is a strong desire for more community control over the police. And you can do it! Think you don't know enough to comment? We've got talking points. Just pick one or two of the issues presented there--you know more about them than you think. Believe that Black officers should have an equal say? Want to see more civilian involvement in investigations of police misconduct? Write about those issues in your own words.

Please take a few minutes and drop an email to the County Police Board on Wednesday. It will make a difference! And if you want to sit in virtually while testimony is read into the record, the meeting is Wednesday, October 14, at 6:00 PM. Here's the link.

What: Written Testimony on Collective Bargaining Agreement

When: Wednesday, October 14, ONLY, before 4:00 PM

How: Send to

Virtual Police Board Meeting: Wed, Oct 14, 6:00 PM at link above.

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