Tishaura O. Jones

Tishaura O. Jones, St. Louis City Treasurer

Treasurer Tishaura O. Jones’ Statement on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board’s Endorsement

As she did in 2017, Treasurer Tishaura O. Jones recently made the decision to not interview with the Editorial Board at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Allegedly, racist and sexist attacks on every elected Black woman in Saint Louis City politics week after week for the past few years have made one thing clear: Treasurer Jones was never going to receive their endorsement and was never going to be judged through an unbiased lens. 

The free and open press is a cornerstone of our democracy, and it is critical that the people who live in Saint Louis have an opportunity to engage with their leaders by reading their local newspaper. That is why, since launching this campaign, Tishaura has had interviews with the hardworking and dedicated reporters at the Post-Dispatch, the Riverfront Times, the St. Louis American, local and national podcasts, and other outlets.  

“St. Louis desperately needs both a mayor and local newspaper willing to confront uncomfortable truths.  In 2017, I criticized the Post-Dispatch Editorial Board for placing more emphasis on blight than on racial justice and childhood poverty.  Subsequently, the Editorial Board has written over 30 negative attacks about me.  More destructive to the Region, is the Editorial Board’s failure to address my substantive point: that racism is holding St. Louis back.”  -Treasurer Tishaura O. Jones

In today’s endorsement from the Editorial Board, in which they claim “the mayor’s office is the wrong place for her [Treasurer Jones],” they fail to mention that their choice for County Executive, Dr. Sam Page, just endorsed Treasurer Jones’ candidacy, or that she has earned the support of State Senator Karla May, three State Representatives representing Saint Louis City, seven ward organizations, six alderpersons, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, County Prosecutor Wesley Bell, some of the region’s most prominent unions, and several national organizations. 

The Post-Dispatch Editorial Board stands diametrically opposed to the nearly 80% of voters who re-elected the Treasurer in November and the leadership of many of our region’s top public servants. 

“I’m ready to govern on day one, and despite the Post’s repeated attacks on my intellect, my integrity, and my ability to be a public servant, the voters in the City of Saint Louis have drawn back the veil on the Editorial Board’s racist and sexist attacks.” -Treasurer Tishaura O. Jones

Treasurer Jones looks forward to the election on March 2nd and will remain laser focused on running a positive campaign focused on public safety, an equitable and regional approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, and lifting up the most vulnerable in our region.

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