Michelle Robinson, owner and founder of DEMIblue Natural Nails

Michelle Robinson, owner and founder of DEMIblue Natural Nails will make a surprise donation to a deserving breast cancer survivor through the newly launched DEMIblue Care initiative. DEMIblue Natural Nails is a 10-free vegan-friendly nail polish line.

To celebrate the launch of the new initiative DEMIblue Cares, Michelle Robinson, founder and owner of DEMIblue Natural Nails, will make a surprise donation in honor of a breast cancer survivor.

“We kicked off the DEMIblue Cares initiative to campaign around a discounted product that would allow us to take a portion of those sales and donate it to a deserving community organization who is fighting against breast cancer,” Michelle said.

“Initially, we were going to partner with an organization, but it's been hard trying to connect because we kind of got started late in the month. So, what we’ve done is decided to make a surprise donation to a survivor.”

Her mother’s diagnosis of breast cancer inspired Michelle to launch the all-vegan nail care line for breast cancer patients, survivors, and women seeking healthier alternatives to have products that weren’t created with harmful toxins and didn’t have ingredients possibly linked to cancer.

“Being able to offer an alternative was very essential not because my mother couldn’t use conventional nail polishes but because she shouldn’t,” Michelle said.

“We’re not saying that nail polish causes cancer. We're saying that there are chemicals that have been used in our conventional nail products that have been linked to cancer. We’re looking for a remission plan. We’re looking for alternative plans so that she’s not exposed to those chemicals. What better way than to offer one myself?”

Juliet Robinson, mother of Michelle and now a nine-year cancer survivor, enjoys wearing DEMIblue’s nail polishes not only because of its outward appearance, but because of its effects on the inside.

“My reaction to the polish is I feel safe when I wear it,” Juliet said. “I’m not nervous about getting any of those toxins in my system, and the polish is wonderful. It’s creamy, it’s shiny. It just makes you feel like I’m putting something healthy into my system, because anything that’s put on your nails goes into your system.”

Juliet was diagnosed with Stage 1 cancer in 2010, which means that she was able to catch it in its early stages and get treated, which improved her prognosis. When she found the lump herself, she immediately went to the doctor and wasn’t fearful about it.

“I didn’t let my vanity take over because a lot of times we’re afraid of what people say or we’re afraid of knowing the outcome, and we cannot do that,” Juliet said. “You need to go early. When you find those symptoms, you need to go right away. Don’t prolong it. Don’t worry about what somebody’s going to say or what somebody’s going to think.”

Juliet isn’t the only fan of DEMIblue. The line has been able to reach many near and far, including vegan food influencer and actress Tabitha Brown. On Tabitha and her daughter Choyce Brown’s weekly segment “Very Good Mondays,” where small businesses are showcased, they gave the products a favorable review that left Michelle feeling very pleased.

“It’s been amazing. It has been validation that women are wanting healthier beauty products,” Michelle said. “DEMIblue is needed and it feels great.”

DEMIblue may be a St. Louis-based Black woman-owned business line, but it's proved itself to be more than just a local business. The brand’s mission has allowed Michelle to be in rooms of opportunity far beyond the Gateway City. Michelle was chosen among 69 other entrepreneurs out of 650 companies to pitch her brand to QVC in hopes of being on the show “The Big Find.”

“I pitched via Zoom. I was able to present the nail polish, the story behind the brand, show them a few of the colors, and tell them why DEMIblue should have the opportunity to sell products through their network,” Michelle said.

“There was a panel of judges and we definitely received some good feedback, but now we’re just in the waiting phase to see if we have been selected. Even in this pandemic, the way that we’ve been striding through, it's been a wonderful blessing.”

DEMIblue also won the Beauty Brand Business of the Year from the Detroit Beauty Business Network, was featured in the 10th edition of SwagHer Magazine, and is sold in beauty supply stores in California.

“I try to make sure that I remind people that we are a St. Louis-based brand,” Michelle said. “We started in the Midwest because the Midwest is not very popular for big-box chain cosmetics. To be one of a few African Americans out of the Midwest to have what I am going to claim as a big brand name, it's amazing.”

Michelle positions DEMIblue as more than just a nail polish line. It’s a community-oriented brand that strongly advocates for self-care. Since its inception, Michelle and her team have provided breast cancer survivors with free manicures. They used to conduct mobile pampering sessions for women who completed their radiation treatment. However, that has been limited due to COVID.

“We look forward to reconnecting with women and offering them an opportunity to experience a manicure using our product for free as part of the DEMIblue Cares umbrella,” Michelle said.

“Just taking an opportunity to sit down and love yourself through nail polish. We all know how it feels to sit down and get pampered. I just want to really communicate that we’re not just a nail polish brand, but we are community-focused, we’re self-care focused, and we focus on social responsibility.

Visit https://www.demibluenaturalnails.com/ to purchase all products.

St. Louis residents can receive manicure services using DEMIblue’s products at LUXE Department Store located at 1215 Washington Ave in St. Louis.

For more information, email info@demibluenaturalnails.com or call 636-944-1176.

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