Rhonda BeLue

Rhonda BeLue, Ph.D

The City of St. Louis Boards of Health and Hospitals announced the recent unanimous selection of Rhonda BeLue as its new Board chairperson.

BeLue has served on the board since March 2017 and succeeds Dr. Will Ross as chairperson. Dr. Ross will continue serving on the board.

The board named Timothy McBride as its vice chairperson. McBride will continue in the position of vice chairperson. He has served on the board since February 2016.

The Boards of Health and Hospitals are established by the St. Louis City Charter and are advisory bodies to the Department of Health. The 13 members of the boards are appointed by the mayor.

“I’m honored to be selected by my fellow board members to serve as the board chairperson and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to serve the board, the Department of Health and the St. Louis community,” BeLue said.

Timothy McBride

Timothy D. McBride, PhD

“I’m humbled by being selected by the board to continue serving as its vice chairperson,” McBride said. “I’ve enjoyed supporting the department in its service to the community to ensure access to safe and quality health care.”

“I pass the torch to very capable hands,” said Dr. Ross. "Dr. BeLue is one of the metro area’s most compassionate public health champions and has demonstrated inspired leadership during her service, not only to the board and the academic community, but to the community at-large. We are also fortunate to have Dr. McBride continue his service as vice chairperson. His ability to monitor the pulse of current and emerging health and public health matters will be instrumental in helping to prioritize issues for the board.”

Dr. Fredrick Echols, acting director of health for the City of St. Louis, added, “A priority for the City of St. Louis Department of Health is implementation of public health practice in a manner that drives the system toward health, racial and social justice to achieve optimum health for all.

“Dr. BeLue has been a leader in the battle for health equity in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Her knowledge about health disparities as well as her leadership efforts to eliminate them align with the vision and continued work of the Department.”

BeLue and McBride will begin serving in their new leadership roles in January 2021.

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