Shaylyn Dean of Spire

Shaylyn Dean is the Manager of Energy Efficiency at Spire.

With the fall season underway, Spire is providing energy saving tips to help families stay warm while lowering their energy bills. Overall, choosing natural gas appliances and making adjustments to a home or business, can help customers save hundreds of dollars, improve energy efficiency and support the environment.

According to the American Gas Association, the direct use of natural gas achieves more than 90% efficiency and cuts carbon emissions nearly in half. Spire recommends simple ways customers can manage their natural gas usage and save money:

  • Open curtains on south-facing windows during the day to let the sunlight heat the home
  • Close south-facing curtains at night to reduce the incoming cold from any drafty windows
  • Set the thermostat back 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours a day to help save, on average, $10 for every $100 spent

More energy saving tips are available at

To support customers, Spire also offers rebates and energy-assistance, including a residential rebate program, fixed-charge assistance program, DollarHelp and weatherization.

“Our energy efficiency program is a win in many ways,” said Shaylyn Dean, manager of energy efficiency at Spire. “It’s a win for our customers who save energy and money, it’s a win for our planet since natural gas is clean burning, and it’s a win for us because it helps us accomplish our business and environmental goals.”

The weatherization program helps fixed or limited-income customers increase the energy efficiency of their homes, which can help them reduce fuel usage annually by an average of 35 percent. Spire offers this program at no cost.

“When my family went down to one income, I decided to apply for weatherization,” said Spire customer Stephen Grindle. “Since participating in the program, we have saved money each year. Knowing that my home is up to current efficiency standards and positively impacts the environment, truly gives me peace of mind.”

Learn more about weatherization at 

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