The day that Stay at Home Orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19 went into effect in St. Louis County and city, the county reported more than 30 new cases in a row.

The county reported 35 new positive cases. The day before, the county reported its largest number of new cases on one day to date – 38.

There are now 90 positive cases in the county to 55 as of Monday, March 23. The City of St. Louis has reported 22.

The county reported its first teenager with COVID-19 and nine new cases in their twenties on Sunday. There was no demographic or other additional information reported on Monday other than that the St. Louis County Department of Health fielded a total of 396 calls on Sunday.

“Due to the volume of results now available, the ability to provide data on each positive case has diminished,” the county reported on Monday. “It is unlikely that we will be able to provide age ranges for those testing positive for COVID-19 on a daily basis with a short turnaround.”


There is clear evidence of community transmission in St. Louis County.

The county said that testing facilities are located in North, South, West, and Central St. Louis County and said it will “work with testing partners to ensure that testing services are available to the uninsured.”

Anyone experiencing symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, and coughing should call the county testing hotline at (314) 615-2660.

Many individuals in the county and city report difficulty being tested because they don’t meet all of the criteria. There is a nationwide shortage of test kits.

]Those with general questions regarding COVID-19 should call (877) 435-8411 or visit

City residents may reach the City of St. Louis Department of Health at 314-657-1499 (seven days a week, 8 a.m.-10 p.m. or email

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services hotline can be reached at (877) 435-8411.

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