Tina Clark-Scott

Tina Clark-Scott is assistant superintendent of Academics and Support Services at Normandy Schools Collaborative.

St. Louis American: Tell us about your current position in education, its responsibilities and challenges and how you are able to make a difference.

Tina Clark-Scott: I am the assistant superintendent of Academics and Support Services. I am responsible for overseeing the planning, development, assessment, and improvement of instructional and educational programs. I provide leadership and coordination for schools in special education guidance, counseling , health services, English language learners (ELL), gifted education, alternative learning, homeless coordinator, parent involvement, residency and enrollment. 

When families are experiencing difficulties it is sometime a challenge to figure out how to best support them. I work with a dedicated group of individuals who keep children at the forefront of every decision they make, and that's how we make a difference. 

St. Louis American: Although educators often work alone, education is a team sport. Tell us about your current team, how you fit into it, and who helps to support your work.

Tina Clark-Scott: My current team supports the entire district in some aspect. When you can't figure out what to do or who to call, the request comes to my office. We never tell you call someone else unless we are absolutely sure. We never pass the buck if it is something we can do even if it doesn't belong to us we, because it's the right thing to do. I can do just about everything my staff can do so when it's busy we all pitch in, including myself, and we do what needs to be done. 

St. Louis American: Tell us about any previous positions you have held, in education or any other field, that contributed to your development as an educator and helped prepare you for your current role.

Tina Clark-Scott: Prior to becoming an educator, I worked for AT&T and Citibank. I was a problem solver in both positions and was good at analyzing various situations and figuring out how to help people. After a couple of years at Citibank I received three promotions and finished my career there in management before I transitioned to education. I have always enjoyed working with children and being around people so the transition to education was seamless.

I received my degree in elementary education but my experience in finance and my love for mathematics redirected my focus to teach mathematics. I began my career in education teaching middle school mathematics. I taught mathematics for 10 years and, during my interview for another teaching position, the team saw my leadership skills and offered me an administrative position. I have served five years as a middle school assistant principal and five years as an elementary principal. All of my experience has contributed to my development as an educator and has been crucial to my current role.

St. Louis American: Tell us about any mentors crucial to your development as an educator.

I am the youngest of eight children, my parents and my siblings have been my most crucial mentors. They are the primary reason I am who I am. It is not because of what they told me, it is because of what they have shown me my entire life.  

St. Louis American: Tell us about your own educational journey as a student.

Tina Clark-Scott: I am a proud product of Saint Louis Public Schools. My educational experience was phenomenal. My elementary teachers Ms. Conners, Ms. Rich, Mrs. Holiday, Mrs. Evans, Ms. Anderson, and many more reinforced what I received from home. I knew that I could be anything I wanted and my teachers always expected the best from me. I knew they cared about me and I always wanted to do my best. 

When I graduated from high school I was prepared for college. I went to college directly following high school but did not finish until 12 years later. I started school and stopped several times with various majors and did not finish until I figured out that being a teacher was what I wanted to do.

St. Louis American: Tell us about your future goals in education.

Tina Clark-Scott: My future goal in education is to complete the writing of my dissertation and to become a superintendent. 

St. Louis American: Tell us about any relevant personal information you would like to share with the community – your family, friends, home church, passions.

Tina Clark-Scott: I attended Cupples Elementary and Charles Sumner High School in Saint Louis Public Schools. I grew up on Lotus Avenue and have the same friends today that I had many years ago. I am married to an awesome man and I have three beautiful daughters who support me in any and everything I do. I want to thank them, my siblings, friends, colleagues and my village for all the support and encouragement that they have given and continue to give. 

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