Where is Christian Ferguson?

Mother of missing boy believes he’s dead

By Bill Beene

Of the St. Louis American

While then 10-year-old missing Christian Ferguson is believed by his mother to be dead, she wants to keep his story alive.

Sunday marked the third year since the mysterious disappearance of a severely disabled boy who was sitting in his father’s SUV when it was allegedly stolen while he talked on a pay phone.

On Saturday, Christian’s mother, Theda Thomas, and other friends and family members held an event to keep alive awareness of the missing boy (and others like him) and to raise funds to reward anyone who provides clues as to his whereabouts.

The Christian T. Ferguson Memorial Parade and Family Affair held Saturday also benefits “Looking For An Angel,” a nonprofit organization with the goal of increasing awareness of missing persons and raising monetary rewards. Children who attended the affair were given free identification cards.

Christian’s father was absent from the event, as were any other paternal family members.

“They have not done anything to help me look for my son and haven’t contributed a penny to the reward account,” Thomas said of Christian’s father, grandmother and step-grandfather.

Thomas, age 34, said though she believes her son is dead, she wants to get to the bottom of what happened to him and to find his body.

Thomas doesn’t buy the kidnapping story given by the boy’s father.

The SUV was allegedly stolen near Page and Skinker and was later located in Ferguson, where a witness said it had been parked for several hours - even at the time Dawan Ferguson said he called from a pay phone in the city.

Dawan Ferguson had a cellphone with him at the time.

The boy’s father at first was considered a person of interest, but was later dropped as a potential suspect.

Police completed an investigation. St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCullouch filed no charges and found no traces of the boy, who depends on medication to stay alive.

Thomas lost custody of Christian and his little brother Conner in 1998 and said her life hasn’t been the same since. Thomas said she can see Conner under supervision for one hour every first, third and fourth Wednesday of the month.

Thomas alleges that Dawan faked a wedding ceremony with her performed by his grandfather and later filed for divorce, though the two were not legally married.

According to news reports, he forged his grandmother’s name to get a loan and was sentenced to eight months in prison and was released this year. He also pleaded guilty to defrauding a financial institution and three counts of misuse of a Social Security number while purchasing a car.

Christian’s mother, Theda Thomas, believes that Dawan, a former bounty hunter (and stepson to a local construction company owner), has political connections that are keeping him in the clear regarding the disappearance of their son.

“I have to do everything I can do to bring out the truth, so today is about promoting awareness of Christian’s circumstance and trying to do whatever we can to keep kids safe,” Thomas said on Saturday.

Thomas said dealing with her son’s disappearance was extremely difficult in the beginning, but God taught her to convert that pain into a fight for justice.

“And I’m going to do it until I get what I want, and that’s justice for my son.”

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