Tamika Palmer

Tamika Palmer, mother of Breonna Taylor, is flanked by her lawyer Lonita Baker, and lawyer Benjamin Crump, at September 15, 2020 press conference

The family of Breonna Taylor and the City of Louisville, Kentucky agreed to a $12 million settlement of the civil suit brought against the city by the family for the wrongful death of Breonna Taylor by police. The city also agreed to implementing police reforms. The reforms include establishing a housing and community service credit program for police officers who live and get involved in the communities that they serve; review of police warrants; providing social service supports for police on some of their calls; and tracking use of force by police and complaints.  The metro council of Louisville banned no-knock warrants with an ordinance named "The Breonna law" for Breonna Taylor in June 2020. 
Ms. Palmer, Breonna Taylor's mother said, "As significant as today is, it's only the beginning of getting full justice for Breonna.  We must not lose focus on what the real drive is, and with that being said, it's time to move forward with the criminal charges because she deserves that and much more.  Her beautiful spirit and personality is working through all of us on the ground, so please continue to say her name, "Breonna Taylor." 
Breonna Taylor was fatally shot by police after they broke into her apartment using a no-knock warrant, obtained falsely, as part of a narcotics investigation.  None of the officers involved in the shooting have been charged.  A community organizer, Tamika Mallory, reiterated that there will not be calm in the streets until the three police responsible for Breonna Taylor's death are charged.  
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