Cynthia J. Fuller

Cynthia J. Fuller, a retired educator of the University City School District died Thursday, August 8, 2019 due to complications of acute kidney failure. She was 92 years old and a longtime resident of University City. Born in Parsons, Kansas, Mrs. Fuller was reared in St. Louis in the Ville community where she attended Sumner High School and graduated from Stowe Teachers College now known as Harris-Stowe State University. She spent 13 years teaching in the St. Louis Public School District.

In 1967 Mrs. Fuller was hired in the University City School District where she taught for 33 years. She loved grammar and instilled a passion and appreciation for the English language in the students she taught at Brittany Woods Middle School. Mrs. Fuller’s legacy carries on through generations of former students whose lives were transformed by her knowledge and compassion. “…She was my 8th grade language arts teacher and she was no nonsense. My love of literature and the arts blossomed during my time in her class.” “…She was instrumental in shaping us in our formative years! She demanded excellence!” These reflections from former students exemplify the indelible impression she made upon others.

Additional highlights of her career include mentoring students and teachers alike, garnering her national nomination for teacher of the year. In 1955, the former Cynthia J. Bundy married Walter E. Fuller of Ponta, Texas. They were married for 39 years and enjoyed entertaining with family and friends. Mrs. Fuller was an avid sports fan and equally passionate about politics. 

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 11 a.m. at Centennial Christian Church, 4950 Fountain Avenue. Interment will be at Jefferson Barracks in a private ceremony. Her husband preceded her in death and she is survived by her son, Walter E. Fuller, Jr., daughter-in-law Jocelyn M. Dyels-Fuller of Portland, Oregon; her daughter Patricia A. Fuller of St. Louis, MO; her son, Keith F. Fuller of St. Louis, MO; and grandchildren: Jonathan, Vanessa, Brandon, Madison and Gray.

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