Letters to the Editor

Having read Mike Jones’ article on the Democrats in 2020, I am compelled to concur that Donald Trump is amoral, Mitch McConnell is immoral, Republicans are thugs, and that the Republican Party is akin to a dumpster fire emitting a putrid odor. Also, that Democrat leadership at the federal level is little more than prey for these street corner gangsters who collectively lack the soul, compassion and desire necessary to govern our democracy. Yes, America is in dire need of a President Lincoln and a General Sherman.

Congressional Democrats: enough with the Texas two-step routine. Trump and his Republican muggers won’t work with you. They respect one thing: in-your-face power. So, put your dancing shoes aside, strap-on your MMA fighting gloves, and unbridle the power vested in you by our Constitution. Impeach Trump, et al. and prosecute all with probable cause of committing a crime or crimes. The Mueller Report is a roadmap – follow it. Be the contemporary Lincoln and Sherman.

Michael K. Broughton

Green Park

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