Letters to the Editor

Does the name Johann Reickhart ring a bell?  No, he’s not affiliated with Donald Trump or the Trump 2020 campaign. Reickhart was a sordid player in Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime. He was Hitler’s chief executioner, known as “Head Hunter,” and personally responsible for the guillotine deaths of 3,165 people.

Reickhart joined the Nazis in 1933, a time when Adolf Hitler was spewing his hateful rhetoric to the German masses, who were struggling economically because of the Treaty of Versailles.  Germans were susceptible to Hitler’s message: that Germany was being victimized; that Germanic people were superior to all; and that he would lead Germany to world domination.  “Make Germany great again” was a powerful message, well received by many.

All despots and dictators have to suppress or eliminate their opposition. Hitler did so by scapegoating his opposition as unpatriotic, etc. News reporters, political opponents, gypsies, Jewish merchants, the mentally ill and others were falsely arrested, imprisoned and quietly guillotined by the bloody hands of Johann Reickhart. 

Hitler came to power because sane Germans didn’t speak-out against his hateful message and thuggery. Keeping quiet kept one safe, so they thought. As long as the marginal people were being targeted, it seemed okay. 

Donald Trump does not yet have his Johann Reickhart but he does have a hardcore following of people who seem to be impervious to the truth before them, much like the people conned into self-destruction by Adolf Hitler. When will they come for you?    

Michael K. Broughton

Green Park

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