President Trump’s Muslim travel ban and complete ban on admitting refugees is not only illegal, it’s un-American, mean-spirited and will harm national security. We will defend and welcome refugees, we will resist discrimination based on religion and national origin, and we will demand equal treatment under the law for all.

Since the 9-11 attacks, there has not been a single instance where a refugee admitted to the United States committed a terrorist attack. Those are the facts, and the vetting process, which takes almost two years, is already very strict. It works.

Besides violating the U.S. Constitution, this executive order will weaken the United States across the world by giving aid, comfort and increased motivation to jihadist extremists who wish to do us harm. We can’t have a president who acts without thinking about how his actions harm innocent people and violate who we are as Americans.

People of faith across this country are united in opposing this terrible, totally un-American action that violates the law and our core values. Our faith compels us to be kind to the stranger, and to comfort the oppressed. 

U.S. Rep. Wm. Clay

St. Louis

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