Letters to the Editor

As of May 13, there were 95 COVID-19 deaths in the City of St. Louis. As of May 11, there were 52 homicides and 47 of the victims were black, per the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. If you count those shot and wounded, the number affected by gun violence would be much higher. 

Basking in the limelight of COVID coverage, Mayor Krewson has been on Twitter, Facebook, radio, cable TV, podcasts, etc. Yet she has been mum on Cure Violence, a program to reduce gun violence, crime, and homicides, even though she pledged to make crime reduction a top priority. 

St. Louis has been cited as the most dangerous City in America. Our murder rate has at times been 10 times the national homicide rate. In fact, the murder rate in North City has rivaled the murder rate in El Salvador, which has the highest murder rate in the world.

Gunfire is routinely heard throughout all parts of the city. The health care crisis of homicides, shootings, gunfire, and crime also need attention and action


James Sahaida

St. Louis


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