Letter to the Editor

How long will it not matter that you are white and privileged? All the conversation about Trump returning to the White House seems so hypocritical considering the non-privileged Black man. 

Everyone knew who Donald Trump was from the beginning of his presidency. It did not matter as long as he was white. How does a man’s whiteness allow him to destroy America? 

No race of people are flawless, yet some white people want to put people of color into boxes. A perfect example is a recent incident at the Arlo Hotel in New York Soho. A white woman attacked the 14-year-old son of Grammy award musician Kenyon Harrold, accusing him of stealing her iPhone. The white hotel manager was complicit by asking the boy to prove the phone belonged to him. 

Trump lit this fire and is pouring lighter fluid on it everyday.

Trump’s whiteness will take care of all his transgressions. He will not be satisfied until there is blood shed on the White House grounds and the beginning of a Civil war. Is this the new history? Is whiteness what our country is all about? This sure won't look good in the history books 75 years from now.

Dorothy Dempsey

St. Louis


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