Letters to the Editor

The Thoughts and Prayers Party, formerly known as the Republican Party, has effectively blocked meaningful federal action on common-sense measures that could prevent and/or mitigate the harm of many mass shootings. For example, measures to keep weapons away from known domestic abusers, requirements for background checks and registration of firearms, bans on assault weapons that have no use for hunting and bans for extended magazines that also have no hunting application. 

Republicans have blocked all these and other common-sense measures, despite the fact that a strong majority of the public, including gun owners, favors them.

Indeed, Republicans even have blocked spending federal funds to research mass shootings and gun homicides. They fear knowledge. Instead, they counsel thoughts and prayers and, more recently, mental health measures. It is as though assault weapons, extended magazines, etc., never have been involved.

It is past time for voters to let their elected representatives know that they demand action – now.

It is past time to vote Republicans out of office who have blocked meaningful action for years on common-sense measures to prevent deaths of innocents. At the local, state and federal levels, we must vote them out of office. Or, join the hand-wringers and accept continued unnecessary loss of life.

Arthur Hoffman

St. Louis

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