Because the Republican Party is often seen by people as wanting the unborn child to be born but then having little to do with the years of support or upbringing of the child. The Republican party supports tax cuts that benefit the rich, instead of tackling poverty, affordable housing, homelessness, unemployment, prison reform, human rights, education and teachers’ salaries, military spending and disarmament, world hunger, and the safety of the water in Flint, Michigan.

The Republican Party supports businesses instead of unions, which have always negotiated good wages and benefits for their members so that the members could support their families. The Republican Party is against immigration and is in support of separating families (in direct opposition to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which supports immigration). The Republican Party is against the Affordable Care Act, which gives protection for pre-existing conditions for members of families (I don’t know of any adult who doesn’t have a pre-existing condition).

The Republican Party supports a president who seems to be wanting war, not peace. The Republican Party is against helping gay people, while the basic premise of all religions is to love one another. The Republican Party seems to be seeking to undermine public education. The Republican Party opposes ecology and approves the use of pesticides that have been proven to harm children. The Republican Party has a president whose speech is racist and full of prejudice and who encourages things like white supremacy and hate groups. The Republican Party has a president who speaks about women in unbelievable language.

Linda Caravelli


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