James A. Washington

As I get older I have become even more fascinated with the concept of time. I’ve always found time as it is talked about in the Bible to be an awesome concept if we can just grasp it and apply time and its value to our own lives.

I mean, really, what is time and what are the consequences of actively experiencing time? At its simplest, for human beings, time is the reality we experience between life and death. One’s consciousness is the sum total of time spent in the body you now inhabit.

We neither control when we are born, nor when we die, unless one chooses to commit suicide. But to a certain degree we do have some control over how we spend our time.

There is no question that the older you get the more value you place on time and the less value you put on things. Spending time wisely becomes much more than just a phrase used to explain how time actually does fly by when you’re not paying attention. Quality time in the big picture begins to take on monumental proportions when considered against the backdrop of realizing time is the most important commodity any of us really has.

Scripture teaches us that God is the progenitor of time. “I am the Alpha and the Omega who is, and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” Revelations 1:8.

Did you ever think about Christ as being the epicenter of how we measure human existence, time? You have B.C. and then A.D. The human embodiment of God is also modern man’s calendar reference.

Now scripture also tells us that the best use of our time should be spent searching for, finding and then honoring the Almighty by trying to mirror the life and values put forth by His Son Jesus Christ. If anything that I’m saying has any merit, then wasting time must be viewed as one big unacceptable sin, one in which the devil takes great pleasure in having you indulge. Do nothing with your time, and he’s a very happy fella.

I have come to believe that the mystery of life is easily solved by using and spending God’s most precious yet fleeting gift wisely. That’s probably why unconditional love is so rare. What are the most valuable memories that you have? I’ll bet you they involve an appreciation for time spent in the presence of a lost loved one, a partner of extraordinary understanding of you, a now-deceased parent, or being around people you love or who indeed loved you. That time becomes more precious as you age and understand the great gift of simple time.

Time is not money, but like money time should not be squandered. It should be nurtured, invested, sown and reaped. If you waste money, bankruptcy is the end result. If you waste a life of time it is even more devastating, because basically you’ve bankrupt the whole point of living.

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