Rev. Larry Brown

Rev. Larry Brown of Grace Chapel Ministries wants to distribute a T-shirt with a slogan “I’m Alive. Let Me Survive!” throughout the community.

Our community is plagued with a rash of  unnecessary murders which occur nearly every day. They happen with such frequency that many of us have become insensitive to these occurrences, and some even look forward to reading or hearing about the next incident. It seems to have become a part of the community’s culture and an expected occurrence.

Many of these innocent victims are young people who just happen to be in the path of an uncaring shooter. We believe that many of the shooters have no respect for the value of human life.

Many of our leaders of tomorrow are killed prematurely, some by accident and others intentionally because the shooter does not care whether or not the human life is preserved.

We believe that a constant reminder can become a subliminal decision of choice to allow one’s life to be preserved. This decision is one that cannot be imposed by more laws, more policemen, or more weapons of destruction, but rather has to be a conscious decision and a personal choice.

A solution, as Grace Chapel Ministries sees it, is to distribute a T-shirt with a slogan “I’m Alive. Let Me Survive!” throughout the community. The shirt being worn by children, young adults, middle-aged residents, and senior citizens will carry this unified message that will be digested by all who view it and become a brand in one’s behavior.

Grace Chapel Ministries, a 501-c-3 tax exempt not-for-profit organization, is requesting donations so that thousands of these shirts may be given to residents of high-crime areas. Each $10 donated will produce a T-shirt that will be given away at no charge. These contributions are tax-deductible.

This project is one that allows businesses and individuals throughout the community an opportunity to help solve a serious problem that is affecting lives and the overall economic health of our community.

Donations may be mailed to Grace Chapel Ministries, P.O Box 952, St. Louis, MO 63032, or by visiting Grace Chapel Ministries may also be reached on facebook or by calling 314-995-5013.

Ambassadors of Harmony to sing with two local gospel choirs 

Ambassadors of Harmony will sharing the stage with at Greater Grace Church (3690 Pershall Rd. in Ferguson) at 7 p.m. Friday, March 15 with two local gospel choirs, the Community Gospel Choir and the New Sunny Mount Missionary Baptist Church Chancel Choir. The Community Choir has been promoting reconciliation and unity since 2007. The New Sunny Mount Missionary Baptist Church Chancel Choir was twice named Best Church Choir of the St. Louis/Kansas City region. The evening will close with a united set featuring over 200 singers on stage. Tickets are $20. Visit

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