Stephanie A. Hester

Stephanie A. Hester is a nurse who manages a team in the Orthopedic and Trauma operating room at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

Tell us about your current professional position, its responsibilities, and your accomplishments as an individual and team.  

Currently, I manage a team of excellent nurses, scrub technologist, patient care technicians and unit coordinators in the Orthopedic and Trauma operating room at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. We work alongside some of St. Louis’s top physicians in ground-breaking procedures every day.

Why you get up and go to work every day? What motivates you?

I go to work every day, knowing that I am living my personal dream. That I’m making a difference in someone’s life. This person can be a patient, friend, family member, employee, coworker, doctor, student. That I can provide reassurance during a time when people are in an unfamiliar place, and they are placing their well-being and life in our hands. What motivates me is knowing that I’m leading my team in providing excellent surgical care to every patient, every person, every moment. That we’re a part of medical innovation and advanced surgical technology and that we strive for perfection.

Are their previous work experiences in health care we should know about?

My healthcare career started in the military in 1996. I served in the United States Navy for eight years as a hospital corpsman. Four of those years I was attached to the Marines as their “doc.” I and another healthcare provider, called an “Independent Duty Corpsman” (IDC), cared for over 40 men and women. We provided immunizations, first aid, triage, suturing, intravenous fluid, health education, counseling and so much more.

Healthcare came natural to me, and so I knew that I wanted to go to nursing school as soon as I was honorably discharged. My mother was an operating room nurse, and I remember the stories that she would tell me when I was a little girl. The stories intrigued me! So I always knew that the operating room was where I was destined to be.

Is there anything about your education you would like to emphasize?

I’m finishing up my senior year at Webster University, where I will graduate with a MSN in Management and Leadership.

Please tell us about any important mentors or leaders who guided you.

Every single one of my friends and family members have been great leaders and mentors. They have encouraged, inspired and counseled me. They motivated me to  strive for perfection. Most of all, my children Jayda and Isaiah, influence and challenge me to be better than the day before.

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