Andrew (Drew) Hubbard

Andrew (Drew) Hubbard

Product Manager                   

Wells Fargo Advisors (WFA)            

Clinton, MD   

St. Charles High School         

Lindenwood University, BA, Communications

St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative Fellow

In short, what do you do?

I partner with financial advisors, branch managers and regional banking directors to meet the lending needs of clients. Specifically, I manage the pricing process of WFA securities backed lending products.  I also perform data analysis of product pricing, exception and profitability trends.

What are some of the biggest changes in the financial services market that you’ve seen since starting in this sector?

The biggest change I have seen is the amount of options clients have when choosing a financial institution.  More so now than ever, clients have the ability to choose self-directed options when managing their finances.  This can be a benefit for the client as it pushes those in the industry to develop more innovative ways to serve client needs. 

Why did you decide to join your company’s Diversity and Inclusion Council? What are some of the things they try to accomplish?

I joined the D and I Council because I believe there is value in learning and accepting differences in others.  Additionally, the benefit in bridging the gap between people with different cultures and backgrounds extends beyond the work place.  Our Council raised awareness, provided career development, mentoring programs, networking and community outreach activities, etc.. For the 17th year in a row Wells Fargo made the top list of Companies for Diversity (per DiversityInc), that is something I am proud of.

You have received Team Member of the Month recognition on several occasions and even Team Member of the Year in 2017.  What led to you being given those honors in your view? And what does it mean to be recognized by your co-workers?

I value being a part of a great team and that drives me to be the best team member I can be.  I also believe having a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook benefits you and those you come in contact with.  Within WFA, we are all working towards the same common goals, so to be recognized by my co-workers is always very humbling and greatly appreciated.

What were your top takeaways from your participation in the St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative’s Fellows Program?

The SLBDI Fellows Program experience is one of a kind. I was a part of Cohort 12; or as we call ourselves, Tenacious Twelve.  Kudos to Ms. Val and Ms. Ros (Program Directors) as they assembled a group of master teachers to lead us towards personal and professional growth.  Two main takeaways:

  1. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, it’s necessary for growth to occur.
  2. Your mindset affects your behavior which in-turn determines your results.
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