Crystal M. Carter

Crystal M. Carter

Officer, Relationship Manager Associate      

U.S. Bank Community Development Corporation                

St. Louis

Hazelwood Central High School

University of Phoenix, Bachelor of Science in Business

RBC Young Professionals

In short, what do you do?

I currently support the U.S. Bank Community Development Corporations Deposit and Payment Solutions, Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFI’s) and the Renewable Energy customer portfolios from a deposit and payments perspective of the customer relationship. This includes, but is not limited to, direct customer interface functioning as a liaison with various Bank departments; identifying customer needs and making appropriate referrals to internal partners; ensuring accurate and thorough account and product implementation; managing internal customer relationship transfers; and assisting in analyzing financial data and preparing proposals for new and existing customers.


You work with several different departments/managers, and the Community Development Corporation, how do you assist in creating an environment where each is fulfilling their goals and addressing their overall concerns?

When working with several different departments within U.S. Bank and the Community Development Corporation I assist in creating an environment where each is fulfilling their goals and addressing their overall concerns by making sure I am clear with my request, questions, and concerns. Also, I make sure when I am receiving request that I am asking for clarity on what is being requested of me to complete to avoid delays in processing and making errors in completion of the request. It is always good to have an open ear for concerns, because you can then turn those into opportunities to perfect processes and procedures.

Why did you decide to join your company’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council?

Since, I started with the company 13 years ago I have always made a conscious effort to stay close to the company’s direction on employee and customer engagement.  The DEI Council offered me the opportunity to be on the frontline of implementing the strategy around our direction to engage employees in the work of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This work is so very important to the future of our country and the world. I believe that it is so important that people know and understand no matter what your race, skin color, sexual orientation, disability, religion, gender, or ethnic background that they can live up to their full human potential without having to feel that they are at risk of not receiving equitable opportunities to succeed.

As busy as you are, you still volunteer as a teacher as well as with the Girl Scouts. Why?

Even though, I have a very business schedule I make time for where my passion lies. I am very passionate about the youth and seeing them succeed. Being a volunteer teacher with “Kid’s Connection” the children’s church at Believer’s Temple Word Fellowship, where I am a member, has been a true joy. For the past 10 years that I have worked with this ministry, the children have also given back to me. They have shown me that innocence that we as adults do not get a chance to experience on a day to day basis. They are so full of love and laughter. I have also volunteered with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri. Girl Scouts has offered my daughters a great opportunity to learn and explore new things and it has been a true joy to experience those activities with them while volunteering.

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