Evan Fowler

Evan Fowler   

Senior Program Manager                   

Ameren Corporation              

St. Louis         

John Burroughs School          

Morehouse College, BA

Washington University in St. Louis - JD/MBA         

Friends of the Club


In short, what do you do?

I manage a number of different diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives at Ameren. These include our employee resource groups, our mobile training unit (“Inclusion Cruiser”), and the Ameren Scholars Program, among others. Through these different programs I have the opportunity to interact with co-workers and customers across Missouri and Illinois, delivering innovative diversity training and engagement opportunities. I’m also afforded the opportunity to get direct feedback from co-workers across the organization on how we can make our programs and initiatives more responsive to diversity and inclusion needs in their areas.

You’ve held several professional positions specializing in diversity and inclusion. How did that become your career focus? 

While I was in law school, I became very interested in Title VII and workplace discrimination. I pursued that interest and took every employment-related law class possible and took a corporate internship working in EEO Compliance. As part of that internship, I had the opportunity to support a number of diversity projects and discovered a passion for helping build heterogeneous teams, providing training on working across differences, and supporting pipeline diversity. I continued to follow that focus and have been fortunate to be mentored and supported by a number of groundbreaking local diversity and Inclusion leaders.

What is your most satisfying professional achievement?

My most satisfying professional achievement has been developing and rolling out our mobile training unit - Ameren’s Inclusion Cruiser. This long-conceived idea was a culmination of inputs from a number of different voices, both internal and external to Ameren. It was also a direct response to co-worker feedback we had received about diversity and inclusion efforts not effectively reaching some of the areas outside the metro area. It’s equipped with touch-screen monitors, and is ADA-accessible, making it an innovative, inclusive vehicle that we’ve used to bring diversity and inclusion messaging to over 1100 Ameren co-workers and the community at large.  

Your community commitments show a distinct focus on mentorship, particularly with the Boys’ & Girls’ Club of Greater St. Louis. Tell us about some of your efforts and how helping students became a passion of yours.

I am passionate about helping students because I was fortunate enough to have a number of positive role models setting examples and letting me know about different opportunities when I was younger. I recognize how valuable those examples were, and still are. It’s my goal, not only to be that example, but to help others find opportunities to serve as mentors, role models, and positive examples for our local youth. The Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis provides the opportunity to do exactly that. I currently serve as the President of the Friends of the Club, which is the young professionals organization that supports BGCSTL through fundraisers and awareness building. Through the Friends of the Club, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of dynamic young students and help identify nearly 100 local young professionals who are passionate about supporting our region’s young people.

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