Jeremiah Giles

Jeremiah Giles

MQ-25 Project Engineer                    


Nashville, TN 

David Lipscomb HS

Tennessee State University, Mechanical Engineering

Washington University, Engineering Management

National Society of Black Engineers St Louis Aerospace Alumni Chapter 


In short, what do you do?

My job as a MQ-25 Project Engineer involves supporting the BGS Support Systems Program Manager with the execution and delivery of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Training Courseware and Simulation, Support and Test Equipment, along with Supportability Software and Logistics Product Data (LPD) to the USN for the unmanned platform. My responsibilities include hosting  weekly team meetings with the Navy counterparts, monitoring Contractor Data Requirements Lists (CDRL) submittals, tracking Risks, Issues, and Opportunities (RIO) for the team, and closing out Action Items (AI's) from the various working groups.

Tell us about a program you’ve worked on that was the most professionally gratifying or made you especially proud.

When I was on the P-8 Training Systems Program, I was given a special project by the Chief Engineer to build and stand-up the Multi-Role Trainer (MRT). The MRT is a lower priced version of the Weapons Tactics Trainer (WTT) but with similar capabilities. The purpose of the MRT is to give software engineers the ability to keep developing software while the WTT is being used for testing platform capabilities and eliminating delinquency reports (DR). My job entails devising a recovery plan for the procurement of late hardware and software, revising the drawings for system schematics, cabinet assemblies, pilot/student stations, and briefing status within the Program Increment (PI) planning. The last remaining task before I left the program was installing the latest training software release. This project taught me how to better work with systems requirement engineers, supplier management, planners, and procurement agents to purchase items even when they are delayed.

Your community service efforts are largely school based. What brought helping young people into focus for you?

I was fortunate to have a mother who placed multiple role models in my life. Those role models gave their time and funds to ensure I had a great childhood. I didn’t want to forget that my life was meant to assist others once I became an adult. My goal in working with kids is bring a smile and joy to someone who might need additional encouragement. I spread myself too thin supporting during my early years at Boeing as I was passionate in assisting others. Once I had a family with kids, I had to learn a better way to balance my time assisting others.

What’s your favorite piece of advice to give to the students you mentor?

My favorite advice I will provide to a mentor is to be thankful for your blessings and focus on your opportunities. It is hard to not envy, but your journey was created based on your possible greatness. I failed as a Quizno’s franchise owner, but succeeded in owning a franchise within five years of working at Boeing. I will always have the ability to succeed if I keep striving to accomplish my goals.

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