Monica Millien

Monica Millien

HR Program Manager

World Wide Technology

In short, what do you do?

I have the privilege in managing a number of professional development programs with World Wide Technology. Those programs include our Internship Program, Diversity & Inclusion, NOVA Leadership Program, management of on-campus university recruiting & National Recruiting Program, our Great Place to Work initiative with Fortune Magazine, support of our Women’s Leadership Program, as well as our global onboarding new hire program called THE PATH Way. I also manage the local Administrative personnel team.

Your job combines two very dynamic fields—talent acquisition and technology. What are some of the constants despite ongoing change and innovation in those areas?

The underlining focus of my role is the dedication to development and leadership. What I find to be the most fulfilling is that I am able to work with our Executive team in the areas of development, coaching, giving back, and the importance of Trust in any lasting and successful relationship. While creating and developing the number of programs that I manage for our organization, I am learning and being a sponge as well. I have the ability to interact and share the thoughts of our leaders who have created a 10.5-billion-dollar industry. I believe that to unique and extremely innovative.

What is your perspective on progress in workforce diversity and inclusion in the technology industry?

Technology is an industry that is continuously developing, reinventing and breaking new barriers in an effort to find the best solutions, products or service. However, when it comes to diversity in the workforce of Technology, I feel that it is lacking significantly. Diverse perspectives are what is needed in order to be creative and innovative; and if that perspective is missing or not complete, the Technology industry will never fully thrive to it’s maximum capacity. In my years of working in Human Resources supporting Technology, I met a number of talented technologists who are just wanting a chance to prove their abilities and meet the industry leaders with hopes of landing a position. Sometimes an interview is all that it takes to open a door or provide an opportunity for one who may be otherwise overlooked. My perspective overall is that Technology companies should heavily invest in Diversity & Inclusion programs as well as efforts to support, encourage and engage so there can be a better connection for all.


Your community commitments show a distinct focus on mentorship and student development. Tell us about some of your efforts and how helping students became a passion of yours.

I have always had a passion for mentorship and providing support in helping others reach their fullest potential. I took a special interest in supporting the youth when I was exposed to great mentorship as a child. My mentors consisted of family members initially; my mother, grandmother and sisters. When I moved away from St. Louis and went to college in Baltimore Maryland, I found myself surrounded my new mentors and friends who believed in my abilities and supported my goals. They helped me overcome fears and the self-doubt that comes with insecurity. With this newfound confidence, I wanted to share what I’ve learned with others to give back all of the wonderful mentorship I was fortunate enough to receive over the years and course of my life. My seven-year tenure with World Wide Technology has allowed me to continue my passion for giving back and supporting the youth in the community which is very special to me.

What are your top three favorite family destinations in St. Louis?

The City Museum

The St. Louis Zoo

Forest Park

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