Candace Harris

Candace Harris

HR Generalist            


St. Louis

Riverview Gardens

Lindenwood University, BA, Business Administration, MBA, MA, Human Resources Management

RBC Young Professionals

St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative Fellow

Focus St. Louis

In short, what do you do?

As the Human Resources Generalist with Spire, I work closely with our business leaders and employees to provide resources and build relationships with a focus on our mission and behaviors. I help in all aspects of human resources throughout the company. I assist with managing the day-to-day operations of the human resource office, as well as the human resources policies, procedures, and programs.


As a human resources professional, what changes have emerged in the areas of talent acquisition and development?

The commitment to diversity and inclusion in corporations has been one of the biggest changes that have allowed companies to implement practices so that equity can start to grow and thrive in corporate America. The days of your human resource office representatives staying in the office are over. We are in the community, committed to the things beyond the walls of our corporation that allow us to grow and get connected and stay committed to the mission through community work.

You’re a graduate of St. Louis Business Diversity Initiatives Fellows program and the Focus St. Louis Coro Women in Leadership program. What would you say to encourage colleagues who are considering professional development programs?

I would advise them to evaluate them all and find that one aligns with your professional goals. Find out who some of the alumni of the programs are and speak with them before you make the time and financial commitments. Each program that I’ve done has helped me grow professional and provided me with a network of support, encouragement from areas of walk I may not have otherwise encountered. 

Tell us about your role with the St. Louis Chapter of the Midwest Innocence Project and their mission and work.

I serve as chair on the diversity & inclusion committee, a committee member for the development committee. The Midwest Innocence Project’s mission is to educate about, advocate for, and obtain and support the exoneration and release of wrongfully convicted people in the Midwest. The members of the Regional Chapter will provide the Board of Directors with counsel and advice concerning case selection, case management, the operations of the Corporation, long range planning and strategy, public relations and outreach to the general public and business community, and other such matters as may be requested by the Board of Directors.

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