LeBron James kneeling during national anthem

LeBron James and the Lakers players take a knee during the anthem before their game against the Clippers on June 30.

As the movement for social justice prompts sports organizations to allow athletes to express solidarity for Black Lives Matter, a group of African American college basketball coaches have formed a new group called Coaches for Action to address racial and social injustice.

The group is comprised of 21 Black assistants from the Big East Conference and was created last month in the wake of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of Minneapolis police on May 25 and the resulting Black Lives Matter protests, according to an article in Forbes Magazine.

The current call of social justice has prompted moves by several professional and college sports organizations. The NBA, NFL, MLB and WNBA are all using jerseys — and other platforms — to promote equality and social justice as they restart or begin competition. 

The NBA courts in Orlando also have “Black Lives Matter” written on them and the July 30 restart of the NBA season saw every NBA player kneel during the anthem and wear a “Black Lives Matter” shirt. 

Additionally, the NCAA is allowing student-athletes in all sports to wear patches on their uniforms for commemorative and memorial purposes as well as to support social justice issues. WNBA players are wearing Breonna Taylor's name on their jerseys and the NFL also announced it will feature the names of police brutality victims on helmets for the 2020 season.

Coaches for Action founder Dwayne Killings sees the formation of the group as an extension of the ongoing discussion of social justice issues and he believes it’s possible that groups similar to Coaches for Action could spread to other leagues going forward, according to the report.


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