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Know-nothing Rams fans

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Posted: Thursday, October 4, 2012 12:05 am

There is nothing like the NFL. It brings the worst out in everyone. No, not the players and coaches, although there are some real beauties in that crowd, but the fans is where I am headed here.

The NFL is the only sport that can make or break your Monday. If your team wins, there is some pep in your step on Monday. If you are in some cities, lets say St. Louis, you may even have some that ask the question, “What do you think. Do they have a shot?”

All of sudden it's OK to break out the Faulk jersey that no longer fits. Should have made a investment on the Orlando Pace model, you still may be able to fit into that one.

If your team wins, you even ponder the notion of buying tickets for an upcoming game. Better yet, call me as if my name is Stub Hub. Yes, when the home team wins, you turn on the radio and listen to hear how smart everyone is these days and you knew they could turn it around. Heck, you are looking at a first-round playoff match up instead of who you should draft in the first round next year.

Then there is the other side.

When your team loses, lets say your Rams, here are some of the lovable quotes. “Here we go again, I knew it, we should have never fired Martz.” “It's Steven Jackson's fault because he has dreads and he tip toes too much.” And of course, the fan favorite, “Same ole Rams.” How quickly we forget.

Then again what did we really have to live on? I must say in the 31 years I have been paid to cover sports, Rams fans are the least knowledgeable fans in St. Louis sports. They take the cake.

Don't think so? Try listening to talk radio after a Rams loss or Monday morning – and if you can get to other stages of the day, oh brother! Better yet, go to a game and sit in the stands and listen. It would make your head explode, what fans say. Granted, it's not all their fault, as they in some cases just do not have enough information to support their argument or observation, but there is a darker side to this.

Too many times football fans seem to take out all their personal frustrations on what happens on Sunday and they make their team the whipping boy for all of their personal woes. Spousal abuse increases during this time of the season as unfortunately innocent people pay the price. People look to get mad even when they win.

Yes, there is an element of player hating in play here at a higher level than you think. It's is supposed to be a tough guy sport, and those who cannot get on the field and are relegated to the stands cannot get that testosterone level down enough when the game is over. They just stay mad.

Why? I don't get it, because it is supposed to be entertainment and yet we see more mean-spirited aggression that you could ever imagine.

Yes, there is nothing like the NFL when it comes to a mood swing. I will just remind you to pay closer attention next time out and you will see for yourself how Sundays will shape the mood for many for the rest of the week.


Pass the popcorn, Pujols

I just happen to notice that the American League Playoffs are set for baseball. I also noticed who is not in the playoffs this year. Yes, and the Los Angeles Angels and you know who.

No, there will be no pity party here, just an observation. I do not expect that to be a common thing with the Angels, as they have a lot of talent and they will break through soon, but they are in a tough division.

You have to admit no matter what the Cardinals do, it is somewhat comforting that at least one person will be on his couch watching the playoffs with a bowl of popcorn at his disposal.

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