Chris Paul

Chris Paul

It is one thing to roll your ankle or pull a muscle during an NBA Playoff series and miss multiple games.

It is another to find yourself in the NBA COVID protocol. 

You either returned a confirmed positive test or have been in close contact with an infected person. Forget practicing or playing, you are in isolation or quarantined until cleared by the NBA and the Players Association in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Importantly, this most likely means that you have not been vaccinated. In fact, the odds are astronomically high that you are not vaccinated.

Nice job, Chris Paul.

The Phoenix Suns guard officially went on the league's COVID-19 health and safety protocols on Wednesday. Of the 164 players tested since June 9, "one new player has returned a confirmed positive test," according to the Players Association.

I guess we know who it is.

The Suns swept the Denver Nuggets in a Western Conference semifinal series. Paul’s team awaits the winner of the L.A. Clippers-Utah Stars match. With the Clippers winning on the road on Wednesday night, the series could end Friday in L.A.

Paul would most likely not be cleared for 10 days, meaning that he is almost certain to miss at least one conference final game.

Paul has been invaluable in the postseason, averaging 15.7 points, 8.7 assists and 4.1 rebounds in 10 playoff games. He is four wins from the NBA Finals.

But his personal quest is on hold because he refuses to be vaccinated.

I wonder what his teammates think. If I were one, he would know.

Paul is featured in State Farm commercials. “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.

For Paul, and all that do not have common sense or are finding some other weak excuse for not being vaccinated, remember this: 

Like a bad neighbor, COVID is there.

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Mr. Reid, it’s his freedom of choice and our freedom of choice to get a vaccine whether we want to or not. Not yours and not yours to judge. Playoffs or not, nobody should make anyone do something they don’t wish to do. I’m from Phoenix and have been a fan and have family that work with the Suns. Close family. I’ll let you know, the team holds no ill will or problems with Paul. They are a NBA finals team ready to play and battle. As all the players are strong players and contribute in a fashion that has brought them to this point. They are a team that can win games and have a coach that will take them there. Even if one player is not in the line-up for one to two games. So how about you write a real story. About a team that has so many weapons that if one goes down they still are contenders. Post and wrote that, not this weak story. Suns in 5 and I’m out.


Not sure why my first comment got deleted but AGAIN Chris Paul got the Pfizer vaccine in Feb and is fully vaccinated so the whole premise of this article is incorrect at best. He did his part and he stated he only goes to games and then home so not sure how that equates to letting his teammates down its just horrible luck.

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