Slaten vs: Savard: the grudge match

Maurice Drummond of KTVI (Channel 2) sports is not the largest of the region's sports media representatives, but he was the only one with the nerve and good sense to stand between dueling idiots Kevin Slaten of KFNS and Steve Savard of KMOV.

Slaten has been on a one-man crusade (with good cause) to declare several members of the media out-of-line for working for the St. Louis Rams and holding radio or television jobs too.

It's an obvious conflict of interest, but as the SportsEye said weeks ago, things like this only happen in St. Louis.

After weeks of tearing Savard and the Rams to shreds on KFNS' The Bottom Line - while also stabbing his former partner Mike Claiborne in the back - Slaten attended the Rams' weekly Monday press conference to put some tough questions to coach Mike Martz.

We'll let Drummond pick the story up here.

"As soon as Steve got there, you knew something was going to happen. He walks in, takes off his shades and he has this smirk on his face. He made a bee line to Kevin, who had his back turned," Drummond told the American.

Drummond said Savard then said, "Good to see you didn't need a road map to Rams Park."

"Kevin then did the Robert DeNiro (line from Taxi Driver) ‘you talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?'"

The woofing between the two so-called journalists continued and became more heated.

Ram Duane Lewis - the man who most certainly will work with another NFL team next year - jumped between Slaten and Savard at this point.

"When Lewis stepped in between, Savard kind of pushed forward. Kevin started screaming, ‘Now you're a tough guy.' Savard was screaming, ‘c'mon and do it, hit me!' "

Drummond called the shouting match "crazy and stupid."

He also said, "I wasn't about to get hit, but no one else did anything. I think some of the media wanted to see a fight. I think some of them wanted to see Kevin get punched out."

Drummond said he has never had a cross word with Slaten and that he respects him and his work.

"But when he gets mad, you can see the blood rush to his face. He gets red. It was nuts, it was crazy."

Maybe the best word to use for Monday's spectacle is embarrassing. St. Louis' sports media does not get high marks outside of St. Louis, and antics such as this make the city, its pro sports franchises and its citizens look foolish.

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