No, Kenny Rogers' childish assault on two videographers in Arlington, Texas last week was not as disturbing as Ron Artest's NBA antics of last November, but the SportsEye thinks the Texas Rangers lefthander is getting off easy.

Again, one must ask the rhetorical racial question of the ages:

If Rogers were black, would he face a stiffer punishment?

The SportsEye says yes.

Imagine if a black baseball player punched a water cooler and broke a bone in his hand, leaving him helpless during his team's first major series of the season, a showdown with the division leaders.

Imagine if that pitcher had been whining about a contract extension since spring training.

Imagine if, the day after he missed a crucial start and his team was defeated, this player throws down video cameras and their operators, and proceeds to kick the cameras and make a spectacle of himself.

Imagine this black player being placed on the All-Star team and picking up a $50,000 bonus that covers the $50,000 fine that Major League Baseball levied against him.

This would not happen. The black player would be lucky to play again this season, would be told he was subject to arrest if he was even seen in Detroit during the All-Star break and would be forever ostracized for his behavior.

As of Tuesday, the Rangers had not announced if the team would withhold Rogers' salary during his 20-game suspension. If Rogers is paid, he will not lose a cent for his transgressions.

Commissioner Bud Selig is again proving that his is the worst of all major sports leagues, and this even includes the dormant National Hockey League.

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