With all the intrigue at Rams Park as John Shaw, team president, and Jay Zygmunt, president of football operations, force head coach Mark Martz out the door, there is some justice. Director of Football Media Duane Lewis is now “in,” and hopefully John Hadley will soon be out.

Martz tabbed Hadley to fill some kind of special assistant to the coach job that had no job description other than doing and saying whatever Martz wanted.

Now that Martz is gone for the season for health reasons - with a return highly questionable - Rams management should quickly ask for his resignation. Although who knows if the Rams paid Hadley or if Martz did.

Sunday’s performance following the Rams’ win over the New Orleans Saints is enough for Shaw to pull the plug on Hadley permanently.

For those who missed the Rams post-game show on 1380 AM on Sunday, you may have been called a childish name by Hadley and not even known it.

If you weren’t listening (and judging by the post-game radio show’s ratings this year, you weren’t), Hadley referred to those Rams fans and Rams retractors who scoffed at this recent win as embarrassing as “pathetic pukes.” That’s right, if you missed it - you were probably referred to as a “pathetic puke.”

The SportsEye’s immediate junior high school response was, “Like I’m so sure, John. But, anyway, like Gigi really likes you and like wants to like see you like after class.”

Even for the true sports fan, this was an absolutely grueling game to get through. Yes, the quarterback and receivers were hurt. Yes, Leonard Little was out as well. But, unless the EYE is wrong, Stephen Jackson wasn’t hurt. Marshall Faulk wasn’t hurt. Jeff Wilkins wasn’t hurt (but managed to leave a 49-yarder about 9 yards short).

But, more importantly, let’s face it, this was a pitiful team that the Rams played at home. Quarterback Aaron Brooks was just 18 of 39 passing. If not for a 42-yard penalty, a missed turnover call by the referees that favored the Rams, and a host full of miscues (including two botched fake plays) by the Saints, the real “pathetic” team would not have won.

Let’s get back to the point, however. “Hiccup” Hadley referred to a huge portion of St. Louis as “pathetic pukes,” over and over again.

Thirty seconds later, the EYE couldn’t believe its ears. After a somewhat somber win over a horrible team, and after referring to many fans as “pathetic pukes,” Hadley actually shouted out the following words on Sunday: “How do you like it now? Viva Mike Martz!”

What? While the EYE prays for Martz to get physically well, the EYE has to stop and contemplate that statement. “Viva Mike Martz!”? Wait a second, John Boy. Martz didn’t even coach that game. He tried to via telephone. He hasn’t coached the last two games. Where did “Viva Mike Martz” come from?

What a complete embarrassment for St. Louis, St. Louis sports and St. Louis media.

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