As more facts about the death of Missouri football player Aaron O'Neal come to light, it is evident that he was treated shabbily and someone at the University of Missouri must be held accountable.

The Tigers might be able to put together a solid season, but that's of little matter to O'Neal's family, his teammates and legion of friends he leaves behind in the St. Louis area.

One thing is certain, though. The family is suing. The entire tragic day will be laid out before a jury unless Missouri comes to its senses and settles the case out of court. In a civil suit, a unanimous jury is not needed. Majority rules.

The majority of radio talk show callers - both sports and news - are appalled at what happened on the practice field and afterwards on a sunny August morning. But that's in this part of the state.

What's frightening is that Mizzou would not take this case to court if O'Neal had died in St. Louis or Kansas City. It's obvious the school thinks that it will get a Boone County-based jury and that it will side with the university - THE major player in that and surrounding counties with the exception of Jefferson City. There is also a good chance that few, if any, blacks will be on the jury during the O'Neal civil trial. Race was not a factor in O'Neal's death, but race is often a factor in jury trials.

There is one person who should resign immediately. Head athletic trainer Rex Sharp, the university's director of sports medicine, should not ever be allowed on campus, let alone be looked to for any kind of health advice for athletes.

His actions - and inaction - are shameful, and the university should dismiss him immediately.

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