Bob Weiss?

The Seattle Supersonics have got to be kidding, right?

It was bad enough that the Sonics' management came off looking like buffoons with their shabby treatment of former head coach Nate McMillan, which ultimately led to his departure to Portland as its new head man.

While one can question McMillan's decision to direct the fortunes of Darius Myles and the pack of idiots called the Trailblazers, at 40, he is one of the hottest young coaches in the league. In his place, the Sonics went back to the recycling bin to tab the 63-year-old Weiss for his fourth tour of duty as a NBA head coach.

Weiss has been on the Sonics' bench for the past 11 years as an assistant coach. Weiss has been a valuable member of the Sonics' staff as an assistant, but his record as a head coach is a less-than-stellar 210-282 with only two winning seasons. Yet, as McMillan was virtually ushered out of town, general manager Rick Sund and team president Wally Walker basically rolled out the red carpet for Weiss.

No other candidates were seriously interviewed for the job. In fact, nobody else was interviewed.

"The decision to hire Weiss had more to do with retaining the status quo more than any other factor," said Sund in the Seattle Times.

What? The status quo would have been to treat McMillan, a lifelong Sonic, with respect, so he would not have had to take a job with a team in your division. McMillan took a team that featured All-Star Ray Allen and a bunch of free agents and unproven young players and became the surprise team in the NBA. McMillan led the Sonics to a 52-30 season, a Northwest Division title and a second-round berth in the NBA playoffs.

What was McMillan's reward? Management refused to talk about an extension during the season when the Sonics were becoming the surprise of the league. At the end of the run when his contract was up, they low-balled McMillan which allowed Portland to come in with the big bucks and whisk McMillan way. Quite a way to treat a lifelong member of your franchise who managed to make lemonades out of pure lemons.

In turn, they didn't even bother to make an extensive job search. In the past two seasons, black head coaches have been getting whacked at an alarming rate. With the exception of Byron Scott and Maurice Cheeks, that next job offer has been slow to come.

Paul Silas has won everywhere he's been. He was not even considered. There happens to be another talented coach right there in Seattle. His name is Lorenzo Romar, who has put the University of Washington program back into the college basketball spotlight. Romar spent several years in the NBA, so he knows the landscape and he has the temperament to handle the young pros. Plus, he was a local here as a Washington alum.

It looks like some NBA execs were very sleepy in Seattle.

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