Tow scam whistleblower still suspended by City police
Tow scam whistleblower still suspended by City police

Scott Tillis, a St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officer, has been suspended without pay for 18 months over a charge of insubordination, or defying authority.

Previously, the longest suspension time – in St. Louis’ history – for this charge has been 14 days, according to a subpoena Tillis obtained.

Why would the police force delay settling Tillis’ case for so long? Why would saying, “don’t disrespect me,” when four commanding officers yelled at Tillis be so wrong?

In his police board trial, Tillis said it started when he began snooping around the S & H Parking Systems tow yard at 1325 N. 10th St. in February 2008. The company’s manager, Gregory Shepard – who confronted Tillis – was later indicted with multiple fraud charges in June 2009.

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