New Siteman Cancer Center

Siteman Cancer Center’s new facility is scheduled to open in summer of 2024 and will include 96 exam rooms, 88 infusion pods, radiology and breast imaging services, and hematology and chemistry laboratory space.

Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis plan to build a nine-story outpatient cancer care facility on the Washington University Medical Campus. It is scheduled to open in summer 2024.

“A lot of underserved patients from St. Louis, the city, the county and the surrounding metropolitan area, come to the Kingshighway campus,” said Timothy J. Eberlein, MD, founding director of Siteman, Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Distinguished Professor and head of the Washington University Department of Surgery at the School of Medicine. 

The facility will provide a home for nearly all aspects of advanced cancer care for outpatients, improving the experience and comfort for patients and their families. This includes a growing number of patients who travel from across the country and internationally for treatment.

“At this new facility, St. Louis residents will receive identical care to all of our other patients who come to us from all 50 states and internationally,” Eberlein said. 

Siteman treats 70,000 people, including 12,000 newly diagnosed patients, each year on its medical campus and five satellite facilities.

“This facility will be for all outpatient care performed on this campus, but we will still have our satellites, which are strategically located where we feel they can best serve the community,” Eberlein said. 

Plans call for the ambulatory care center to include 96 exam rooms, 88 infusion pods, radiology and breast imaging services, and hematology and chemistry laboratory space. An elevated pedestrian link will connect the facility to the rest of the Medical Campus.

“The bridge will serve to connect patients to the advanced facility for radiation examinations and other procedures,” Eberlein said.

The new facility will be located next to a hotel for patients from out of town. Patients will also have access to the parking garage within the same building and to public transportation. 

“This will make it easier for patients because they will be able to make fewer appointments along with more technological advances in the facility,” Eberlein said. 

The new building’s design will mean patients can get most of their care in one setting, with fewer visits to different locations on the Medical Campus. 

Teams of cancer care specialists – incorporating the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer – as well as support services from social workers, psychologists and others will come to patients in the new center. Patients also will have access to hundreds of clinical trials.

“Our patients are at the heart of everything we do, and we are putting great care into designing a cancer home that will be comfortable and easily accessible for patients and their family members,” Eberlein said. 

Although the building’s design and construction details are being finalized – and final approval is pending – plans call for a 659,000-square-foot facility on the southwest corner of Forest Park and Taylor avenues. 

“As Siteman has continued to grow, we envisioned a setting that could accommodate more patients and additional cancer specialists, in an environment that allows us to continue to offer the highest quality, state-of-the-art outpatient care,” Eberlein said.

For two decades, Siteman’s main outpatient location has been the Center for Advanced Medicine, also on the Medical Campus, and the growing cancer center needs more space.

“We put a lot of time and effort into how we can meet the needs of our patients and their family members to make a better experience that efficiently supports them,” Eberlein said.


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