Princess Lang

Princess Isis Lang, a sophomore at University of Southern California, became the talk of the ‘Net after co-founding a majorette dance squad on her campus. 

Lang’s dance squad, The Cardinal Divas of SC, specializes in the “j-setting” dance style, credited to Jackson State University. Despite “j-setting” traditionally honed by Jackson State and other HBCUs, Lang saw the need to have a dance squad on her campus.

"The new majorette team kinda going crazy on the internet right now," Lang wrote on Twitter. "This is the perfect way to showcase and uplift Black dancers, Black artists and Black joy overall."

A video posted last week that has since gone viral shows the Cardinal Divas performing at their first home football game against Fresno State on Sept. 17.

"It really feels like a dream," Lang said. "I did not expect all of this to happen so fast."

Read some of the opposing views below.

“This is #HBCU appropriation! HBCU Culture is a subculture of Black Culture.  Just being Black isn’t enough to justify you borrowing HBCU traditions to mimic at a PWI! Y’all want the HBCU experience without attending one and that’s insulting to our legacy!” @hbcuhive wrote with an accompanying a clip of Southern University’s Fabulous Dancing Dolls dancing along to an instrumental of Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough.”

“It’s very rare that my Black friends that attended [predominantly white institutions] had something positive to say about HBCUs. It was usually stereotypes and assumptions that were very classist. Address that before biting off HBCU culture,” @Amb_bition wrote.

“I’m perfectly fine standing on this hill by myself. But wanting HBCU culture at white schools… instead of going to an HBCU… is weird,” @BigHomieKODAQ wrote.

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