“F.N.F (Let’s Go)” is the undisputed song of Summer 2022, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing it. Although, GloRilla gained popularity from her breakout hit she says she hasn’t received any money from it.

She vented on Facebook on Monday, (Oct. 17) about how the producer of the track Hitkidd has made money from the track, meanwhile she’s only made money from doing shows. GloRilla also voiced her frustrations with signing to Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group (CMG) label.

“N****s been salty ever since I ain’t sign to [their] label to be a group for $0,” she wrote. She also claimed Hitkidd signed away the rights to “F.N.F” without her permission.

 “One more thing before I log out. N****, you signed [the] song away the first week [without me knowing] for [$50,000] because you didn’t know how big it was gon’ be. Should I keep going?”

Hitkidd responded to GloRilla’s allegations on Twitter.

“So basically, these folks are trying to take me to court over ‘F.N.F.’ because they want to own the song, but they want to own the song to put it on this EP, which both parties knew,” he wrote. “So tell me how you gon’ put ‘F.N.F.’ in your contract without telling me after I told you and your manager, every day that we was in L.A. with Saweetie, that labels are going to try to sign you because of ‘F.N.F.,’ so watch out. I also told you to let me know when labels reach out so we can be on the same page, but you still went and signed my song without telling me.”

HitKidd and GloRilla have since deleted their posts. GloRilla is expected to release her debut EP Anyways Life Great on Nov. 11.

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