(L-R) Kelly Rowland and Beyonce

(L-R) Kelly Rowland and Beyonce

Kelly Rowland once again finds herself being compared to her bestfriend and fellow entertainer Beyoncé

She was joined by co-star Marsai Martin to promote their new film “Fantasy Football,” during a recent appearance on Hot 97’s radio show Ebro In The Morning.

One of the show’s co-hosts, Peter Rosenberg, decided to compare Rowland Bey, calling Bey the brightest light on Earth and second fiddle to her.

Rowland had a classy clapback to his statement.

“Here’s the thing. Light attracts light. I am light. I am a beautiful, brown, shining light,” she said. “So I don’t think anybody’s light dims anyone else’s. I think that when other people start to compare you, I think that’s when it shows how dim they are of themselves.

“I don’t take someone else trying to dim my light anymore for anybody else. I love Bey, I know that she’s a light but I know that I’m a light too.’

Rosenberg tried to praise Rowland by commending her for what he called choosing not to “rest on Bey’s laurels” despite her being the biggest megastar in the world.

“Yes,” Rowland replied, “and her best friend-sister is one of the biggest stars in the world, too.”

She went on to say people only see things one-sided and she doesn’t like when people place one person above another, because they both “shine together.”

Rosenberg did apologize for his question.

“Lol i did get it…i hated my question …clumsy and stupid … dropped her a line to apologise for how it came off,” he tweeted.

“Fantasy Football” releases in US theaters on Friday (Nov. 25). 

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