(l-r) Bryson Bryant, Nene Leakes, Brentt Leakes

(l-r) Bryson Bryant, Nene Leakes, Brentt Leakes

Reality TV star and entrepreneur NeNe Leakes has broken her silence on her son Brentt Leakes’ health. NeNe shared on Instagram on Monday (Oct. 10, 2022), that Brentt, 23, was hospitalized last month after suffering congestive heart failure and a stroke.

"He's only 23, so he's really young for something like that to happen to him,” Leakes said. "This is not the way I wanted it to come out. We wanted to be able to talk about it ourselves when Brentt was in a better place. So, here I am because I would rather the correct thing be out there than something that's not correct."

She also explained Brentt had difficulty talking but has since shown improvement.

Because of his age and condition, NeNe said doctors confirmed Brentt wasn’t using drugs, didn’t have HIV, COVID-19 or any other infection.

"So, they have run a number of tests on him to see what could have possibly made this happen to him," she said. "And we are still trying to figure it out. Because if we knew the cause, obviously they could treat the cause. It was very scary."

She claimed doctors think it could potentially be a genetic condition as she was treated for blood clots in her lungs in 2013.

She also addressed Brentt has had a lot of stress from grieving his late father Gregg Leakes’ one-year death anniversary. Gregg died last year from colon cancer, he was 66.

"One of the things I do know, Brentt was very stressed out in the month of September because that was the one-year anniversary for the passing of his dad," she said. "He was very close to his dad and he's been super stressed out over it. And I don't even know if that has anything to do with it at all.”

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