Gift of Grace

Kyria Williams of KMW Productions LLC and Derrick Mullen of Mullen Group Productions “The Gift of Grace” film narrates the story of married couple Cynthia (played by BlaQue Pearl) and William (played by Benjamin Jones) Moore, who’s marriage is on the rocks after William gets himself in a compromising situation with April (played by Alex Jay) that questions what’s most important to him.

A film titled “The Gift of Grace” tells the story about a marriage in trouble when the husband finds himself in a compromising situation and questions what’s most important to him.

It stars BlaQue Pearl, Benjamin Jones and Alex Jay. Jones said from his character’s perspective, his actions show him the grace of God as he struggles with confronting weaknesses in his marriage.

“He finds himself entangled in a relationship that caters more to his flesh rather than reconciling with his wife and confronting certain issues,” he said. “It's one of the things he deals with, and we get all into the nuances of that.”

Pearl, who has been married before and divorced her ex-husband for infidelity, said she found similarities between her and her character’s story. The difference she sees between the two is she’s more softer in how she loves than Cynthia.

“When I’m in a relationship, I am submissive. It was only because I did not want to fail God,” she said. “My mind was always ‘God, what do you want me to do and how do I handle this?’ So in other people’s eyes, they were probably like, ‘Oh, you’re weak.’ Cynthia would’ve jetted, and I would’ve been like, ‘How do we fix this? Let’s go to counseling.” 

She said she found healing through the role since she was able to reflect back on her past relationship.

“As an actor, sometimes the role you play is something you’ve never experienced, but fortunately for me, I looked at it like a venting mechanism,” she said. “I always tell people as an actor, you’re a minister, and when you’re ministering to other people, sometimes you’re ministering to yourself.”

Jones said she also resonated with his character who shares similarities in being a family man as he is married and has two children like his character. He noted the differences between him and the character are their experiences.

“At this point, it's like ‘Nah, I know how to give things to God,” he said.

Additionally, Jones, Pearl, Mullen, and Williams collectively agreed the film’s message is about forgiveness and giving grace not only to others but to oneself.

“We’ve all done something we said we would never do, beat ourselves up about it, and God still had grace on us,” Pearl said. “When it comes down to it, it might be hard in the beginning because you just got wounded. But you gotta come back to the realization that the person was human and made a mistake. So you have to move on from it.”

Kyria Williams of KMW Productions LLC is the creator and producer of the fim, while Derrick Mullen of Mullen Group Productions is the director.

Williams said the film is a breath of fresh air, especially due to the tumultuous times of COVID-19.

Mullen added the film is relatable because it gives people a reality check on some of life’s challenges rather than when some films present a fairytale.

“I feel ‘The Gift of Grace’ does that, and it reminds people even in the midst of things we’re going through, there’s still the grace that God gives us, but we gotta yield till it's called,” he said.

Pearl said viewers should approach the film with an open mind and be ready to hear an important message.

“Come with an open mind, open heart and just get fed,” she said. “It's entertaining, but at the end of the day, there’s a message that needs to be heard. Just open yourself up and relate to it because if you look at yourself, it's somewhere in there [in the film]. Either you need to forgive somebody else, or you need to forgive yourself.”

“The Gift of Grace” is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime and Google Play.

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