Rekha Allen

Rekha Allen

Rekha Allen designed the cover art of her first EP, “Honey,” which was released on May 5, 2023, and it features a closeup of her eye.

“With my first EP, I just wanted to get it out ‘cause it's been so many years,” Allen said of her career.

“Over the years people would ask me, ‘When are you gonna drop your music?; Are you still singing?; Are you out of town?’”

Allen said meeting “the right people,” led to the EP release and a team that pushes her to excellence.

“Honey” is her nickname and it has been a part of her singing career. She thought it was fitting to use as her EP title.

The six-track project is produced by Samuel Lovelock, who is also Allen’s manager. She is signed to his label, Spatial Productions.

“The first three songs are love songs but then toward the end there are breakup songs,” she said. “From the beginning to the end, it’s from happy to mad to upset because it's something that happened in real life.”

Some of the songs were from four years ago, and she has had “a lot of ups and downs since then.” 

“When I was in my last relationship at the time I thought ‘I ain’t gotta search no more,’” she said. “After a while it started to just dwindle down. It just got bad and it took a turn for the worse.”

She wants her EP to touch listeners’ souls.

“I want them to hear me and actually feel what I’m saying. Feel the words and take in exactly what I’m saying,” she said. “I feel like I’m a pretty relatable person, so if you can relate, we in there.”

Allen, who was born in 1993, describes her sound as “chill, laidback, calming, soothing, smooth, and nostalgic.”

“I love how music made you feel back then and I wanna bring that back,” she said. 

Allen comes from a bloodline of musicians and singers. Her grandfather played in a band with Ike Turner. Her mother is a former singer, and several of her family members play instruments.

Allen jokes that she didn’t have a choice but to do music. She sang in elementary school plays and joined her school choir in 5th grade.

“Music gets me through a lot,” she said. “It got me through a lot in life, especially when I felt like I was at my lowest. All I really had at that time was music.”

While she is an R&B girl, she’s interested in exploring country, pop, house music, and afrobeats.

“I have a single that I just finished that hasn't dropped yet it's called “Never Met You,” she said. “It's an afrobeats song. I just started getting into afrobeats music, I’m really excited about that.”

Right now Allen’s happiness is her music.

“I want my music to bring people joy.”

Honey is available on all music platforms.

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