Part of the heritage of St. Louis is living in view of some of the Midwest’s most beautiful buildings.  Many of them in our community are schools. More than half of the 60 beautiful old buildings owned by the Saint Louis Public School District (SLPS) are over a century old and need work to retain their historical heritage and modernize them for the safety of 19,000 students.

This investment will be made possible by Proposition S – a no tax increase bond issue - on the August 2nd ballot asking voters for permission to borrow the money needed to make much-needed safety improvements.  

It’s the right thing to do for children, the fiscally prudent step as a property owner, and the responsible thing as a good neighbor.

Proposition S will provide the funds that will give our students a safer, healthier and better environment in which to learn.  It is, quite frankly, a way to reinvest in our students, our schools and our community at large.

The safety component is reflective of how our world has changed.  Exterior doors will be replaced, security systems improved.  Both of these priorities will help ensure our buildings and our kids are secure by 21st century standards.  Most of our buildings weren’t designed to handle such modern issues.  Fire alarm systems will be installed, as well, giving our students and staff the ability to focus on learning and growing, not worry about safety.  

The Covid-19 era has taught us more about the value of ventilation.  Our aging HVAC systems needed attention in many of our buildings simply for comfort.  The pandemic reminded us all that air circulation and quality are of equal importance. Proposition S funds will be used to upgrade or replace obsolete systems. 

Then there are the restrooms.  Most children will tell you the improvements coming here are long overdue.  

The money will also allow for exterior upkeep like tuckpointing brick and roofing work.  This will make these old gems, built to be the centerpieces of their neighborhoods, return to living up to that billing. 

SLPS last asked voters for a bond issue back in 2010.  The community said yes, and we lived up that confidence, completing every project on time and under budget, and creating hundreds of jobs in the process. 

It is time once again for the St. Louis schools to get the same repairs, upgrades and renovations any homeowner would do for his or her property.

Please say YES to Proposition S on Tuesday, August 2nd.  

St. Louis Comptroller Darlene Green and Collector of Revenue Gregory FX Daly are co-chairs of the Prop S campaign

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